Help and FAQ

Jaunt is brand new! Signup is free, and if you join during our launch phase, we will credit you 25 Jems worth £20. Jems are used to post Jaunts and contact other users.

Where am I?

Jaunt.Singles is a new type of dating site. Instead of browsing profiles, you browse (or create) Jaunts.

What is a Jaunt?

A Jaunt is a an ad for a date. Each Jaunt has a gift attached - either a request for a gift (“Take me for tea at the Ritz”) or the offer of a gift (“I have a spare ticket to see Ed Sheeran”). The limit is your imagination.

Who can create a Jaunt?

Anyone site user can create a Jaunt.

What is a gift?

Anything you like. Be creative… Want to eat at that cool new restaurant? Ask for someone to take you there. Got a spare concert ticket? Find someone to take with you. Want to check out that new exhibition? See who else likes the same artist and offer to take them along.

Can I offer/request cash?

We do not allow the offer/request of cash gifts. Try being more creative - how about tickets to a concert, a weekend in the sun, or your favourite cocktail?

Do I have to create a Jaunt?

No you don’t - you can just browse and bid on other people’s Jaunts if you like. If you don’t create a Jaunt, you’ll be invisible to other site users until you place a bid.

Can I create multiple Jaunts?

Go for it! Create as many as you like, and (for now anyway), it’s free.

My Jaunt isn’t showing up on the site

It should appear as soon as you publish it. Check that you’ve put it in the right region, and (most important) that you clicked “Publish”.

How do I remove my Jaunt from the site?

Just go to My Jaunts and either click “Hide” or “Delete”.

How do I contact someone?

There are two ways to make contact:

  1. Create a Jaunt and wait for bids. When you “Like” a bid, that person is added to your contact list.
  2. Bid on someone else’s Jaunt. If they click “Like” on your bid, you can then message them.

Once you’re a contact, you can freely exchange emails and see each other’s photos.

Are my photos public?

No - your photos are private until you add them to a Jaunt, or add someone as a contact. Contacts can view all your photos.

I added a photo but it doesn’t appear on my Jaunt

Your photo must be approved before it appears. If you attached it to a Jaunt, it will appear automatically when it is approved.

What is an “adult” photo?

Adult photos are those showing nudity or anything sexual. Adult photos can only be viewed by logged in users. You cannot set an adult photo as your profile pic.

One of my contacts is annoying me

You can block a contact at any time from the contacts page. They will no longer be able to message you, bid on your Jaunts, or see your photos.

Still stuck?

Contact us for help.